Lmao mad or nah?

Oh and this is why I have a hard time trusting white people. They will resort to calling you nigger, coon, etc in the sovereignty of their own home but smile in your face and tell you to have a nice day. Thank you anon for showing your true color or lack there of. Bless


a fancy asian restaurant called “Suit and Thai”

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i dedicate this boner to u

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3 words that tumblr loves to use; ignorant, racist, & shame! Lol goodness I’m not shaming anyone. Call a spade a spade. I have no problem with the fact Taylor swift has basically had a dance card full of boyfriends. Or thar jlo is giving elizabeth taylor a run for her money when it comes to husband count. rihanna is far from perfect & sure shes done some rather questionable things but why is she labeled a hoe based on what we “think” she is doing. But other women are openly hopping from relationship to relationship and its cool.